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New Work… and Lasers!!!!

Here’s some new things fresh from the bisque kiln.  Isn’t the new texture pretty darn cool?

New Texture from Danger-Awesome

New Texture from Danger!Awesome

Alex and I created the design and pattern on the computer and the boys at Danger!Awesome then used lasers to cut out the pattern on an acrylic sheet.  Lasers!!!!  They certainly named that place well!  It wasn’t cheap, but I think it was money well spent.

I’m having a lot of fun using it in different ways and seeing how it changes as I stretch the clay.


Danger!Awesome spiral pattern on a round jar. Detail

On the right is a detail shot of a round jar.  Note how the pattern warps as the clay is stretched.  I’m still working out how to impress it onto the porcelain.  I needed to mount a board behind the pattern so it doesn’t break.  It’s a little awkward to press into wheel pieces, but I’m getting the hang of it.





For those that don’t know, most modern pottery goes through 2 firings.  The first firing is called a bisque firing.  It’s to a low temperature (only about 1800 degrees F) and this firing drives the water out of the clay and it lightly bonds the clay particles to each other.  You can handle it, gently, but it’s still porous that you it absorbs water and the glaze will stick to it.

The second firing is to a higher temperature and is when the clay particles fully fuse and the glaze melts and further seals the piece.  That’s when all the magic happens and I’ll be doing that firing in a week or two.  I want to get another bisque firing in so I can pick and choose what goes in it.

New Flower I

New Flower I

And now for something completely different.  These are totally different from just about anything I’ve ever made.  I was scraping off the remnants of clay of a bat (the board that sits on the wheel and spins) and noticed that they look like flower petals.  I think glazing them is going to be an exercise in frustration, but there’s so much potential.  Plus I like the idea of turning the dregs and leavings from a pot into something beautiful.

New Iris Unglazed

New Iris Unglazed

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