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Jan 22 2016

So much has changed

It’s been forever. So much has changed.

Short version:

Moved to San Jose California. I do love it here, in general. Especially today when the Northeast is getting hammered with snow.
3 surgeries in the last year. Hurt myself at the end of 2013 and it took until Aug 2014 for me to get surgery. 2 more followed. Not fun. In general, I’m better.

Hardly made any pots during that time.

I’m firing in a community studio again. That’s a big change. It’s taken me surprisingly long to adapt to it. It’s a great place, but it’s still hard to get used to not having control over my firings and space. I guess I’m a control freak. Who knew?

I’ve been feeling a little dead creatively and stuck.

Enough sob story.

I’m trying to get back in the studio and make some new things. The good news is that my oilspot is back to working again in the new kiln.

The picture is a detail shot of a bowl using my oilspot and a studio glaze called breaking blue. Old and new. It can work, I just have to figure out how.

Hopefully my posts will be more coherent and numerous going forward. I’m also hoping that the goal of posting more will push me back into the studio more often. And break my block. Please.

Off to the garage studio and if nothing else, I’ll wedge some clay in prep for when I do feel creative. I’ve already cleaned and organized the place about as well as I can. Time to mess it up.


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