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Jan 22 2016

So much has changed

It’s been forever. So much has changed. Short version: Moved to San Jose California. I do love it here, in general. Especially today when the Northeast is getting hammered with…

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Jun 23 2013

Test Tiles

This week I’ve gotten back into the studio, and one of the first things I’ve done to get reacquainted with the clay is to make a bunch of test tiles….

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Jun 16 2013

New Work at 6½ Bridge Street Gallery

It’s summer in New England, which means that the whenever the sun is shining, folks are heading to the coast. One great destination is Dartmouth, on the South Coast of…

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May 10 2013

Spring Open Studios!

I’m very excited to open my studio this weekend for the Fort Point ArtWalk! I have a kiln load firing right now with lots of exciting glaze tests, so I…

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Coming soon to a Pot Near You

The kiln is cooling and I couldn’t wait any longer to check out the tests that were on the top shelf.  So I put on the big heavy elbow-length leather…

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New Work… and Lasers!!!!

Here’s some new things fresh from the bisque kiln.  Isn’t the new texture pretty darn cool? Alex and I created the design and pattern on the computer and the boys…

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Feb 21 2013

Slip Sliding

I made a bucket of porcelain slip today.  I’ve started experimenting with adding it to both thrown and slab pieces to add another tool to my texture vocabulary.  It’s a…

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Feb 17 2013

New Textured Trays

This weekend I’ve been hard at work in the studio, gearing up for the Craft Boston Spring show.  Even though it’s two whole months from now, given everything that still needs to…

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Feb 2 2013

In The Studio At Last

Today I spent a good portion of the day in the studio.  It’s been a long time.  The Holidays, travel to both families, a cold, then the flu.  Ugh.  Today…

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2013: A Fresh New Year

2012 was a crappy year.  It had a few highlights, such as my trip to Costa Rica, and not dying on the zipline in Costa Rica. 2013 is off to…

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